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In-game objectives
When you start a match, a random objective will be given to you, such as "Accumulate 40,000 points against your opponent" or "Fracture one your opponents joints", or even "Attain an altitude of 15". If you complete the objective, you gain additional TC. The objectives will only be seen by you, and you and your opponent may have different objectives.

They could even be categorized by difficulty ratings, such as Easy, Medium, and Hard. Easy giving you a certain amount of TC, Medium giving a bit more, etc.
I'm thinking something along the lines of;
Easy: +5 TC
Medium: +10 TC
Hard: + 15 TC

Edit: [Long Shot] Maybe even the possibility of having a hidden elo to correlate with the pass/fail of the objectives. For example, most people will start out at, what, 1600 Objective Elo? So at that elo, the probability of getting an Easy objective is much higher than getting a hard objective. If you complete a lot of easy objectives, then your Objective Elo (OE) would rise and you would be more likely to get harder objectives. And vice versa.

Obviously if you fail your objective, you aren't penalized. You just don't receive the rewards. (And your OE would drop ;o)

If this has already been suggested just merge this shit or close it or whatever thank you.
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Well, seeing the massive amount of coding that would have to go in this, no.

Take into consideration that the Elo system is already broken, and who knows when that'll be made viable. Even if you added say, 100 objectives, that appeared on occasion and such, you could only do so many until they simply got boring or you've seen/done them all. then more coding would be involved to add more. Plus, you're talking about it being clientside, which goes into more detail that isn't really necessary. Though the concept is good, the work required to implement this is much more than it's WerfWorth. That being said..

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I do believe that it would take some work to implement, however i also believe that "too much work to make happen" isn't a good reason to be unsupportive. :v This is just an idea and I'd like feedback on the actual concept rather than the work needed to make it happen. But thank you though! I do understand it'd take a lot of work. Also there's endless possibilities for objectives with all of the different mods and such.

And also, I agree that the elo system is messed up. Possibly an alternative to that would make it better, such as a basic point system.
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I personally think this would be a cool idea to implement into the game

also this wouldn't be a client side feature as that could be modified and hacked to give the player an advantage with these objectives either coming on constantly or being easier than they should be.

Im going to also add that your seen and done them all point is slightly pointless as isnt that the case with any and every game. Theres only so much you can do in any game before you have literally done everything

I think personally this should be something the dev's look at and should maybe consider even if there isnt a TC reward for this. Like even some badges that show up under your name for completing a certain percent of the challenges would be good enough in my own opinion.

Alot of the players on toribash dont like change and iv noticed nowadays they usually shun nearly every idea unless its one they have come up with them selves.

This wouldnt be as hard to code in as some of the other idea's that people have supported either.
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don't know about the elo thing, but to address "they would get boring" it's an objective, it's something to do when you log on you'd do it no matter what because of your nature to want to complete things to get rewarded for them, so you'll be happy to complete an objective of "achieve a decap in any mod" even if it's for 10 TC, because it's a goal to do.

i feel it would work best if there were 4-5 random objectives each day for everyone, whether it be decap someone, get x amount of points whatever. doesn't matter. and they can be reused so you wouldn't have to think of too many to use. as for the prizes, obviously they would depend on what kind of objectives you'd have. and since they are for everyone and even at 10 TC for each a lot of TC would be given out each day (so they may have to get mod specific or be quite difficult) it could produce too much TC.

but if it's done right i think it'd be a good edition to the game, giving a people a reason to log in and play.
i dont know why this died, bumping this because this is a really good idea. probably has been suggested other times, though

4-5 random daily objectives, like mwah said, would be a really good thing for keeping people interested and giving us something to do. If it's shared objectives that everyone has everyday, it wouldn't be too difficult to implement, either. At least, not as difficult as otherwise.
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please please please make this, personally, I agree with Koe, qi i is an amazing idea
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Qi is purely a measure of games played. There's a reason why there's no qi reward for any achievement ingame. That reason will persist. Giving qi for anything other then games will destroy the point of qi. I'm not talking about the fact that qi is purchasable because nabi studios will do anything for money and qi is no exception. That doesn't mean now we can get qi without even playing the game. Is tc not enough? Loads of players are broke anyway so why would they instead award qi for anything anyway.

The ingame objectives was all fine. Great suggestion though not entirely original it's still a feature that many of us would like to have and saying it won't do any harm. Directly supported.
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It will encourage rigging

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How? Making baseless claims isn't helpful.
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