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(A) Apocalypse | Join The Chaos

Hey, so, do you wanna join the Apocalypse and share the Chaos around Toribash!?
Then, you're in the right place. However, if not, Get out, Bish

Before applying, make sure you have got everything below:
  • Must have at least 1 year in toribash (In special cases, we can forget this.)
  • Brown Belt
  • Maturity
  • Skype (Would be good if you add it in your app)

Then, it's the next step, the application. We're going to be really honest. WE DON'T ACCEPT PEOPLE WITH STUPID APPS(Means that if you think you can just get inside the clan posting things like "hey can i join teh clan?" or "my friend is here, can i join?", you won't be just rejected, but KILLED)

Okay, there's no rule for applications aswell, we want to know.. Who're you?, What can you do to help the clan?, Why do you wanna join?...
The more you add, higher will be your chances!

Here's an example of a good app.

We will discuss apps in private, so if you don't receive any replies here don't feel discouraged, we will advice you.
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No, you cant, considering there's no legit reason to use an alt and your alt isn't brown belt.
I also don't like you, so na.

Edit: Add me on skype. "Sainzgc", if you do even wanna talk about it.
Hey, Vernaux here I wish to Join Apocalypse.
Hello, My Name is Vernaux i'm a 2nd Dan Black Belt.
The Reason I would like to join Apocalypse is Because I wish to earn new Skills and Help Take Apocalypse to The Top.
My Best Mods Are Aikidobiddojo,Greykido
What I like to do When I'm Not in game? Well, I Practice my Skills In Free Play To get Better I Play with my brother So we both could get are Skills better.
What I bring to Clan? Well, what I bring to clan is a Active member and nice person and a skilled player.
All so my Real name is Jean my age is 14 I'm in 8th grade. About me: I play football number 1 I player Runner Back I play for Bunch Park
I live In Miami My time zone Is (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
I'm active Every Day, and I love to Clan war because It's fun Trying really hard just to see which clan is best.
My birthday is October 2, 2000.
I played Toribash for 2 year's When I grow up I would love to be a college Football player making lot's of money or even a Famous Basketball player.
I'm Active On forum's Alway's When something show's up about Vernaux Or my name Jean I alway's check it Out.
God dammit

Hello, (A)

As if it isn't obvious enough, I am applying for this clan. To start things off, I want to let you guys know a little about myself. I am 20 years old, and I live in the U.S. New Mexico to be specific. That makes my gmt -7. I am usually online during the day for a couple of hours try to earn up more qi for this account. Right now, I am using an alt. My main is Avatar but on that account I decided to buy qi instead of earning it and now.I want to earn my qi and start trying for some achievements. I started back in 2009 but have been on an off sense then. I am wanting to join this clan because it is a new clan that has a lot of potential to be successful and I really want to help and benefit this clan in anyway possible.

Some of the benefits that I think I could bring is good skill for clan wars, I know I am not the best nor do I think I am anywhere near the best but I feel I am above average when it comes to player skill level. I understand most of the more competitive mods and have practiced significantly in all of them.

I am really active on the forums and I am active in game. I will make sure to keep my rage down so I dont make the clan look bad.

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Hello people still alive after the Apocalpse and im here to join the group fighting the apocalypse i shall use magic to strengthen you all(Best intro ever ikr).

K so i am billmagic i am currently a 4th dan black belt as of my late clan and first crooks has recently died i have been looking for a friendly trustworthy clan i am active ingame as well as clan forums the reason i think my posts are only 2 is because it is either glitched out or only because i posted in clan forums. A little bit about myself i am going into 8th grade i used to play soccer and baseball and this summer i have mostly been just relaxing. I have met Kratos and Grim aswell. I haven't been exactly on for a year but i hope you could make a exception. I can bring this clan a stash of weed and friendliness(not going to say skill because there is always someone better than you). I hope you take my app into consideration. Magic nipples up up and away!
Hi, my in-game name is sethtus i am an 8th Dan who plays toribash almost everyday, ive seen kratos and grim in a few random servers.
As i watch some of the apocalypse clansmen play i see great skill and another things that stands out as well as, they don't seem to trash talk others or make negative remarks, with saying that i really think this clan would be great to be in.
Since i do play a pretty good bit every week i feel like i could be a good contribution to the clan.
Not only helping win wars but also improve others as well as get better myself.
With all of this being said i feel like apocalypse is the right clan for me.