Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
hmm i got problems with this too...
i tried it and i cant get enough power on my arms

this is what i managed to do
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Carnie nice start I recommend you look at my replay of the 2nd punch to see how I get so much power and if you like to see what joints i'm using press E where you want to stop and see which joints I pressed also you can call me pat if me meet again.
Watching your replay now Haxu.
HaX your movements are all perfect ^^ but instead of trying to whack uke try contracting your elbow and trying to punch his torso that may help.
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HaXu try contracting elbows then before impact extend you will have to play around with it a bit but you should get it.
HaXu that's what I mean you have to play around with it a bit so your wrist doesn't break If you like I could edit your replay and show you an example.
Just a little add on, but if you see a really good replay, and think"oh thats a good idea" don't try and copy it EXACTLY.

People advance at thier own level,

So this is only if you can't get the 2nd punch, try it step by step.

So you get a punch, doesn't Dismember anything, but it looks good. so save it as whatever you want to call it. then come back to it late by using the edit button.

to edit you start a replay and then where you want to edit, just press E.

then you might try to get a Dismember with that punch you started off with.
once you get a dismember, save, and then come back and Edit it again.

then continue like that.

But thats only if you want to, when i started i just made a replay, it wasn't anything special but it was something that i liked.

then once you think "um this is getting a bit to easy" try to make the replay look relaxed, then if you get that, faster and powerful. then just add your own bits and peices