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BreakDance and Skate

Tienen Movimientos de BreakDance o De Skate Porfavor l Moves Of BreakDance o Skate Please.


Ok can you please try so say in english
no one will understand a word you said

but if you want to learn to skate better
go to youtube and be inspired in moves
watch replays from rutzor

and skateboarding...

I dont think theres a tutorial about them

Some tips when dancing:
Well as the gravity implies
1. I would say using a gravity of 30.00(sambo)
you dont want to dance in backflips and floating dont you?
2. You could either dance with your feet while standing up
or you could dance while making a hand stand
3. Spinnings:
You should make a a body part standing at first

First you're gonna have to make a body part stand in ease (head or hand or feet)
and use another body part to push the ground to spin
4. BreakDancing
You can get inspired by watching breakdance replays
or youtube toribash breakdance replays
Breakdancings are used using only the hands
and walks using hands and playing around
spinning with hands or heads
Try to find your way on how to stand up to do rutzor type of dancing
and find your way how to go and bowdown and land on your head/hand to do breakdance opener

that is all