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hey guys how do a drive on toribash

okay, set the flags to 4 and use the scroll wheel on the wheels, scroll down = go, scroll up = backwards, might be different, haven't tried in awhile.
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also, u can click "x" on the wheels to make them go forward or back.
and then do the same for the things in front to turn the car...
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Ok, You can also use Z botton, X is for relax/hold.
Basically the wheels are your whists and ankles.
When you contract is go backward, when extend go forwards.

You can turn relaxing one side (one front wheel and one rear wheel)
and acelerating the other 2 wheel. This is how I turn.

Also, disable the dq. /set dq 0
I usuallt race relaxed, you can do it relaxed or holdind all.

Hope it helps.