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+Need some help
I did something kind of stupid well heres the lowdown:
I was being me and thought whoah macperfect has some cool art i wonder if i could make something like that? So i thought then maybe i should take a screenshot of me kickin uke with shaders and raytracing. So i made the pic and it came out shitty but now since my computer cant handle TB's shaders well i cant open up TB without it saying there has been a error and must close the program so how do i go back to my normal graphics?
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
that happends to me sometimes

try and try will eventully work.
hanz0:Very well done. These annoy me much less than the default smilies we've got right now.
Edit your default.cfg with notepad and set the shaders back to 0.

Save it and you're done.

Vox sucks
[10:14]<siku> magnificent sparkling vampire
[10:14]<siku> i love you edward

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