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+Quick question.
I'm gabiel , if you remember that name.. if not, well it's a good thing i guess.

I 'm just posting here to know the reason why i was banned, i was banned by Hamster permanently (all my accounts ) and the reason was "Bye!". Around 3 month ago i think
I was going to leave toribash anyway , but that's not the way i wanted to do it.
This event didn't really made me want to come here again , but since i saw an ad in a website about toribash ; well it reminded me all of that etc.
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Wait, wait. Apart from being a dipshit?

Let me think.

Oh yeah, there the (what you probably thought was discreet) farming.

Mostly, I'd say it was the dipshittery though. Yeah. Mostly that.

EDIT: Oh yeah, also the blatant lying to a user about a texture set which he had paid for and you never bothered to start, and brazenly being a - oh, wait, that latter one falls into "being a dipshit".
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