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Parrot Clan Story (Real)
Parrot was first ever founded by me and a guy called Hypnogiraffe id guess about 2 or 3 years ago, back when you had to pay for the full-version (back wen there were only bout 20 people online at any time). IT was a a popular clan, but me and hypnogiraffe were white belts, but we didnt care, it was all bout having a laugh, and we had bout 10 members who were online everyday, and all was good. Me and Hypnogiraffe made a warcry for Parrot - whenever we enterred a match we would go 'CUCKOOO!', which obviously scared the shit out of them, lol. It carried on like this for about a month or so.

However, i took about a 3 week break from toribash, to find that all 'my' Parrots were gone, which made me sad and made me quit

I came back to the game january 2008, but didnt enjoy it that much. However, i was in a server and a guy called Chocosyrup joined, and said something ive remembered ever since: 'Moop... CUCKOOO!'. Lol, i was so happy i had found some1 who was in Parrot back then. We re-founded Parrot wen i was a green belt and Chocosyrup was a yellow belt, and i recruited skulfuk wen he was orange belt. We were total noobs back then.

Me and Chocosyrup (we were co-leaders at the time) took a short break from toribash, and when we got back, it was a total mess. 2 of our members, Pnut and wooooooooo paid for the clan to become official without asking us (us being me and chocosyrup), and they appointed themselves leaders. They did a crap job of leading the clan, resulting in most of our members quitting.

Skulfuk and Orangesoda (who were 2 ordinary members at the time) were fighting to get me and chocosyrup as leaders again, and got MBK involved. After about a month of fighting for it, we finally got the clan back (MBK gave it back to us). Skulfuk and orangesoda were the ones fighting for it back while me and chocosyrup were away, and were 2 of the only members who didnt quit, which is why they became deputy leaders (skulfuk is now co-leader, since chocosyrup is very inactive nowadays).

However, by this time, Parrot was a complete laughing stock, having 2 blue belts for leaders, having only a few members and every1 judged us because we had the clan stolen off us by Pnut and wooooooooo. On irc, we were talked about as being the worst and the noobiest clan.

However, me and chocosyrup didnt give up, we kept trying (despite being a laughing stock), we got new members, we made a clan video (which sucked, but o well), and we got things running smoothly, despite everybody saying 'HAHA, UR IN PARROT, UR A NOOB!' whenever we entered a server.

Eventually, we started belting up, i got to black belt (which gained slightly more respect, but people still hated us), and just ignored those who flamed us. Our minimum belt was still blue belt however, and all of our members were noobs.

I think the time we started getting more respect was when skulfuk made me my first vid, 'Youve Been Moopified!' which was then followed by some subsequent vids which got better and better, and people started seeing we werent actually that bad.

It was about this time when i was in a server playing, Hypnogiraffe enterred (the guy who i originally founded Parrot with a few years ago), and he was so surprised and amazed that Parrot had lasted all this time. He (obviously) joined Parrot again, but has recently become inactive.

We stopped recruiting noobs to the clan, the noobs who were still in our clan started belting up, becoming more mature, and stopped being noobs, and a lot of our members became an active part of the toribash community outside our own clan forum.

It kept on going like this, we refused to give up, we kept ignoring flamers, and eventually they stopped flaming us, and started respecting us.

Eventually, i appointed skulfuk new co-leader (As chocosyrup became inactive), and he gave us a lot of rep for the clan. I also started gaining rep for the clan when i started making my own videos (rather than getting skulfuk to make them for me), with my first video being Moophasanafro (which sucked) to my latest vids such as Taekkyon Me and Smooth Criminal.

But yeh, after that awful start to the clan, we built Parrot into what is now an extremely respected clan, with one of the most active forums, and we are regularly having applicants who are 8th dan +, and we're popular enough to be able to turn them down.

See siku? Point proven, its not that accurate kid. <3 Don

The chronicle of parrot.. Continued.

Don here..

Any later on moop disappeared, skul was a little on the busy side doing promo team stuff.. The clan was doing great. I took over as deputy following the disappearance of orangesoda, then I disappeared and didnt even know I was promoted to co-leader alongside skulfuk and then demoted back to deputy as skulfuk taking over as sole leader.

I came back, finding parrot in quite the situation. The elitist asshole attitude of parrot running completely rampant and loads of black belts acting like noobs in the application thread was not only causing applicants to not apply, but causing members to leave. Promoted as sole leader of parrot I brought parrot into more of a medieval dark age, and began culling unnecessarily assholish members, and cleansing them from the roster.

Dirty work, but was necessary.

As soon as I finished parrot made it to the light at the end of the tunnel. And we were doing ok. New members still applying, promising ones such as up2u which would normally be persecuted to no extent by the rabble that was frequently roaming the application thread, was humbly accepted into parrot. Along with a few others that started joining other clans due to an epidemic that was happening much later.

Not everyone was pleased at the time when it came to dons role. However most wouldn't blame him.
Parrot still, despite it's loss of fame and recognition by the other clans still makes ninjas and moderators, and game masters of tomorrow.

And what's more has entered the state of slow death. Now, donseluke returned yet again to pull parrot off a different path. Not the same path as the slow and steady self destruction of noobish assholishness.. But the inactivity and lack of memberness..

Donseluke had reinstated the Parrot Clan Bank, and picked up work where the previous leaders had slacked for whatever reason. Now, only time will tell.

3.5 years later: Parrot continued


More continued 2016 Parrot PARROT!

Parrot confirmed best clan
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Ollie you type lots and its FUNNY

haha, i know. started off a couple of paragraphs, but kept adding to it
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<~Skul> they're not children, they're demon midgets
<~Skul> if you kill one in front of the rest, they'll scatter and leave
I remember back when toribash cost money...
I was [I]General back then.
Back when toribash costed $20
Back when shaders weren't even a concept
Back when force, relax, and blood colors were the only items.
Back when head tex's were the only tex's, and they were FREE!
Back when there were about 50 mods.
Back when you never knew when you were going to belt up.
Anyway, great story!!!
I could make my own story about my life in toribash. :3
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Lol Moop, you must have been very bored.

Nice story, I learned a lot. But you broke the rules - it's forbidden to say pnus and wooooooo. And you never mentioned me and RedDevil (only once).
Whoop Whoop
Yay for Parrot-old-fags!

Old parrots are a rare breed, there's only a handful of us left.

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Yay for Parrot-old-fags!

Old parrots are a rare breed, there's only a handful of us left.

u, me, avatars, salukki, liaxo, orangesoda, poopy12 (kinda).

^ theyre quite a few.
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<~Skul> they're not children, they're demon midgets
<~Skul> if you kill one in front of the rest, they'll scatter and leave
Ahh, but from before we were official... *makes a list*


All the others are gone now :s

<Erf> SkulFuk: gf just made a toilet sniffing joke at me
<Erf> i think
<Erf> i think i hate you