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right so I finally made the thread

here is where we can discuss potential oshivent ideas, just brainstorm and whatnot since we've been putting this off since december lol

-mortal kombat fatality
-that one idea with the replay maker + video maker collab
-zero gravity replay
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after one whole year,jingles finnaly decided to make events thread
what about a replay making event where you must hack the replay to make it looks like an finishing move(replay hacks can be accepted) from any game,like mortal kombat fatalities
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ayy, mortal kombat childhood memories

nice idea, but does it have to be from mortal kombat, or can it be anything that is gory and bloody like mortal komba fatalities?

ALso skeets are cool, maybe we can make an event about those :P
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Seems like some nice ideas, gotta remember that these events are supposed to showcase oshi and what the org is all about.

added them to the op
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i guess can be from any bloody game,because toribash is perfect for dismembers and stuff
also,we shold move uke as well to increase the looking-like it
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mortal combat?

Man...this is....disgusting..
anyway,yes is,but not much people tought of making it looks like an end move of a game
realism replay events are generic i guess
Also,another idea:
Replays and art: someone make an replay,a artist take the best and remake the scene he see,but in a non-toribash style
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People are less interested in parkour this days so à small pk one would be good to get them back into it
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i am fond with the third idea
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