Same for the Nightmare one, but I liked the decap more.
And lol, dat pose, but yeah it was cool.

Dat flowing strike was pretty awesome.
Manip was a bit nice, pretty fast.
Legs DMs were pretty nice, aimed well.
I hate 2 kicks in one leg, but the decap looked good. The elbow DM wasn't that pr0 <3.
The lumbar DM looked great, especially that the transition to it was pretty nice and fast.
The shoulder DM wasn't that necessary right? But the transition to it was excellent, pretty fast.
You will never know my style of posing, but the pose looked stylish and balanced a bit, GJ on that.
Tip on pose: relax your hands when you're doing a pose, because when you hold it, you will never stay balanced. Just a tip.

In the end, I just saw joints flying, nothing more <3.
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Flowing Strike

The first hits seemed a bit random and were not needed.
The first boom was good,clean.
The decap was amazing, I think you coulda done a 4 dm boom though.
Next boom was pretty nice, a bit messy though.
The last dm was not needed, but I guess it just makes the replay better.
Pose was stiff,and your crotch stuck out. (lol)

8.5/10 Good Job.
Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.
Thanks alot Patty and Blood.

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"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
Flowing Strike

The first hits were ok..

The first boom was decent,clean

I loved the decap,and the second boom

The last dm was random.

though the pose was rather stiff. If I do say so myself :c
Originally Posted by patrickooo
You're ORMO'd.

First kick looked good, not bad.
Boom was simply amazing + dat decap.
Last boom was sexy, pretty powerful and destructive, GJ.
Pose didn't look sexy this time, because you was twitchy something.


CnC'd. In. MMO. ^^
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Unholy Confession
The first boom was great I don't know how you get this speed it's like magical anyways I don't really see a flaw but I'm pretty bad at spotting things so The replay was great imo.
Opener was nice, and the first hit was good, real smooth and clean.

Personally I don't like when people throw the head/chest piece on the ground to dm, so I didn't like that part.

The next hit was really nice. That was the thing I most liked about the replay.

After that pretty much sucked to be honest, your ending needs a lot more improvement, it's bringing down the overall image.
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Thanks Jingles, through this thread will die.

I edited Worst nighmare v.2 pose become a handstand pose.
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"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
hahahaha, try to make a standing pose, but not stiff or twitchy or something..
but okay. this pose isn't that cool, but stills nice.
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Do you think the pose is better than the v.2?
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."