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replay glitch
When I am making a replay on sp and it takes me a really long time to make sometimes when the frames reach zero it doesn't show u your replay and it doesn't let u save it and it restarts. I find it frustrating when this happen and want to know if there is a way to fix it. I think I have 4.1 but I am not sure
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doesnt that take away your replays? is there a way to keep the replays u made

if u install an older/newer version of toribash the old folder is still there.
so just go to C/games/ToribashX.XX
depending which version u were using making reaplays and which u will use now, just copy the replays and drop them into the newer/older versionīs replay folder.

will prob. give bugs if u used a new mod where the object limit is incrased and the replay is set to an older version where it obect limit is still low.
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Pro tip:

When installing ditch the version number from the folder name, just stick it in one called "toribash"

When you update to a newer version install into the same folder. That will not only keep your replays, it'll also keep all the mod & custom downloads.

Think of it as an "update" method rather than having to reinstall.

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