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[WUSHU] [Q&A] Free Wushu Helpline!

^ interactive banner, click on stuff

Have any questions about wushu?

Want to know how to play better, and improve your in-game sexiness?

Need a couple of tips on your movement?


We'll try our best to answer your questions and help you out!

And don't forget to check out Ultimate Wushu Tutorial

Our consultans are compitent in all aspects of wushu and would love to provide You any required assistance.


5th Dan Black Belt
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9th Dan Black Belt
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7th Dan Black Belt
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Custom Belt
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I know this is legitimate. But with that banner I can't help but think of scamsites. >_>

Anyways, the video you linked is blocked in the USA by EMI music and whatnot. Just thought you might want to know that.
If you would like, you can add me as well.

I'm online a lot, and on occasion I even make rooms with the direct intentions of teaching people wushu.
Need help?
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Wanna apply to Team Wushu. You all guys, have an advice for me?

sure, read these threads before you apply:

[TW] TeamWushu - 武 Classification 術

[TW] TeamWushu - 武 Ranking system 術

and add replays when you apply. as simple as that