I, too, need some break. I'll be gone for at least 2-4 weeks maybe. like anyone would give a shit
i love you zoor
and chirs too
(but zoor the most)
[19:59] <Lazors> man it's a good thing people don't see what i write here
I'm gonna be on one of my 2 holidays during the year; in Palma del Río. So yea, expect me to be inactive from Saturday this week, until Sunday next week. (11th-19th)
I'm a game developer for other games.
Ping me if you have a query or general question unrelated to this game.
Hey guys I'll be out for 2 weeks as i'm not sure how my into connection will be on my trip to Rome.
I'm going to ask a few emperor how to rule the world maybe they have some advice for me
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have fun conducting the romans to fight for the soviet empire

also, get a picture of yourself doing a stupid thing at every monument or attraction you go to, thanks.
[19:59] <Lazors> man it's a good thing people don't see what i write here
Coming this monday(10th), I will be severly less active due to Uni.
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Nick: liderhunt
Reason:I want to be in a clan

oh my