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Tips for beginner texture artist?
Hi! thankyou for taking your time to even read this thread >.<. I just started playing toribash but what really drew me towards this game was how awesome and unique character customization is.

With that being said, i was wondering if anyone could fill me in on the details and how you actually make textures? i've researched and learned that in order to have a very good looking texture, it has to be a 512x512 size but that cost like 20k for each body part... since i just started playing the game i have not nearly enough the amount of TC to get myself even one of the body parts. I'm really not that good at fighting in the game so i think i'm going to focus more on the art part since im better at it.
Can someone give me some tips for me to start off with? like what program to use and such? I fully understand that this will take alot of practice and dedication and i'm ready for it!
I suggest you get gimp It is a free GNU Image Manipulation Program, it has a bit of a learning curve but is worth it. I'd suggest you mess about with it, download the templates for each texture.
Also there are a lot of useful tips on youtube on how to use GIMP.

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Well, the first step is the will to learn and as far as I can see you have it. Start small and build it up. Don't try to go for really detailed and or realistic right away. Start with the basics, see if you can understand the templates. If you have got that down start with for example Tribal or cartoon and build it up little by little.

Also as Tuna mentioned play around with Gimp it's a very nice program and free, you can make very nice textures with just Gimp.

Good luck and if you need any help send me a pm.
thankyou guys! i've already downloaded gimp after reading your comment! now i'll just have to start learning and researching i guess looking forward to the day i can have awesome textures :3