Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
where did fuck did uke went in a foot ahead, god's plead has a couple momentum switches which weren't pretty, the kicks also felt slow, even though you got an absurd amount of dms, try and keep the momentum if not, build it up even more, not break it.
quarantine vibe #2 was something else, i did not expect something so clean and unique coming from you, the movements were a little slow, but the hits was really smooth.
Oh hey this is the same three as your ormo app!

I'll just quote what I put on the app then.

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Replay 1: Ou I like the speed on the opener, dms weren't too shabby either. Combo flowed pretty well imo. Others would prob dock you on the weird positions mid transitions but like I do worse ones so I can't comment on those lol

Replay 2: The idea is good but the execution is kinda wonky, flow kinda gets jittery and fully contracted heels looks quite bad to me. The dms were ok tho. Transitions can be better for this one, a noticeable one is weird arm movements in the opener. cool pose tho

Replay 3: Nice dms, I like this one a lot better than the 2nd one! Flow was pretty good here, although some of the motions could have been a lot cleaner. Like the forearm thing into uke's head didn't like that

The best of the bunch would definitely be the first one. The third one isn't too bad either and would be passable for me.

2nd one however is draggin' ya down so like the dude before ya I'll wait for one more since you're pretty close.

pretty cool stuff tho
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fast and to the point, love it. there was a weird twitch during your opener though
dms were pretty good, really liked that last boom hit, though your arm moved kinda funny when you were trying to set it up
other than that pretty solid
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