Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
some cnc for big men with big pants on
given over skype, posting in case anyone else wants to take part of it or pinch in somewhere

[01:08:21] Mud: AY
[01:08:23] Mud: CNC time
[01:08:34] Mud: First, opener
[01:08:55] Mud: try to experiment with a similar opener that lets you relax your feet instead of holding them, so you dont stand on your heels when you dont need to
[01:09:11] Mud: in real life, you'd keep your toes on the ground when leaning back and forth
[01:11:28] Mud: the angle of your elbows while running matters, but i dont really want to critique it
[01:11:31] Mud: just keep it in mind
[01:11:41] Mud: you did nothing wrongish, im just mentioning it
[01:12:28] Mud: letting your elbows out more makes for a harder run, but you'll have an easier time swinging your arms
[01:13:21] Mud: I can see why I'd choose to leave them at a wide angle if I was in your position here, you're meeting him after a very short distance
[01:13:23] Mud: there wont be much running
[01:13:50] Mud: but be aware that the angle of the elbows also made it harder for your pecs to swing like normal when running
[01:14:58] Mud: next up is the steps when you run
[01:15:12] Mud: keep in mind that you dont have to switch both your hips at the same time while running
[01:15:46] Mud: at 1360 it would've helped you to have both extended for a bit i believe
[01:16:25] Mud: it would've prevented you leaning even more forwards and would've helped you stop the run more in time
[01:16:38] Mud: 1340
[01:17:32] Mud: same thing as with the opener, try to not stand on your heels when not necesary
[01:17:52] Mud: putting your toes down would've also helped you stand up/stop the momentum more
[01:18:14] Mud: you solved it with a sidestep though, well done
[01:20:00] Mud: imo, a goal with sparring should be to have clear hits and attacks
[01:20:26] Mud: it makes the replay cooler, it's why mocucha adds the swoosh swoosh in his videos, to make the attacks stand out even more
[01:21:30] Mud: where I'm going with that is this, at 1270 he punches you before your punch is finished, so it's a bit of a situation
[01:21:58] Mud: you either finish your punch, or you react to his punch, or something in between
[01:22:30] Mud: you'll have to decide which one is best, but in this case I think it made your punch not show, and your kick to almost not show
[01:23:00] Mud: an alternative solution would be punching straight up, as to hit his hand away
[01:23:12] Mud: and with the same momentum do a mini jump, kinda like you already did
[01:23:20] Mud: and then kick even harder with that momentum
[01:23:33] Mud: if that makes sense.. tell me if not :P
[01:24:40] Mud: at 1200 you set up to spin
[01:24:55] Mud: but your pecs and chest aren't synced, you loose a bit of possibility there
[01:25:01] Mud: as in
[01:25:15] Mud: your left pec extends way before the other pec and your chest
[01:25:34] Mud: so it basically just moved position then it's sitting there and your chest and other pec is the joints at work
[01:25:38] Mud: 2 instead of 3
[01:26:04] Mud: for more power in that spin, at 1200 hold your left pec until the other joints are already in motion
[01:26:36] Mud: then at the right moment, extend the last/left pec as well
[01:27:35] Mud: you're getting really good at these spars, so im giving you a lot of in depth critique and stuff
[01:28:16] Mud: forgive me if it sounds like im just pointing out errors, your spar is amazing and I can't wait to see you grow more
[01:28:24] Mud: moving on
[01:28:41] Mud: you're at the point where you might want to stop always holding your neck
[01:29:02] Mud: there are situations where relaxing it to look up a bit for a moment looks really good
[01:29:37] Mud: as a rule of thumb, looking at your opponent is pretty much always better than just holding the neck
[01:29:51] Mud: to advanced players that is
[01:30:12] Mud: most players are taught to just hold neck, because it's ugly when it flops around, but that's because they're bad at letting it flop around
[01:30:30] Mud: if you let the neck lean back and lean forward at the right time, it gives the replay a new level of realism
[01:30:41] Mud: like you're actually seeing with your tori, and looking at your opponent
[01:32:50] Mud: for example if you uppercut your opponent you'll be bent over leaning upwards, that's when you can extend your neck and look at him instead of holding the neck stiff
[01:33:26] Mud: at 970, good block and punch
[01:34:04] Mud: a tip, if you want to make it easier for him when he hits your block, relax the joints a bit as he hits it
[01:34:27] Mud: like in this case, relax the shoulder and pec, just to let your block bounce up and back a bit from the kick
[01:34:46] Mud: it also prevents you from getting thrown off balance because of the hit
[01:34:57] Mud: since now your arm is thrown, not your whole body
[01:36:00] Mud: nice move at 890, i like it a lot
[01:36:33] Mud: good backflip, doesn't have to be 100% clean, just has to be realistic
[01:39:28] Mud: between 720 and 600 there's quite a lot of touching, it's okay but like i said
[01:39:47] Mud: imo, a goal of sparring should be having clear and defined attacks
[01:40:21] Mud: at 570 after the touching you do one of these though. That punch was well set up
[01:42:28] Mud: it doesn't matter to me that it actually hit with your wrist
[01:42:39] Mud: i think it looks tight
[01:42:48] Mud: (good)
[01:43:15] Mud: after that is some more creative moves, which I really enjoy seeing
[01:43:24] Mud: and then swexx starts to breakdance for the ko hit
[01:43:59] Mud: I can kinda tell you two were planning here, because your tori starts to move weird, or not at all
[01:44:18] Mud: nearly everybody who spars does this, but the best ko's plan for both tori's moving
[01:44:24] Mud: not for one to freeze and the other to move
[01:45:26] Mud: Your reaction to the KO was fine, the only thing I'd say is look for a moment when relaxing everything looks good
[01:46:11] Mud: for example at the end, you're lying there with your left foot contracting, and just randomly letting it go 40 frames after the KO would look weird, and it kinda looks weird to just keep it contracted
[01:46:46] Mud: so yeah, aim to relax all joints at the end when you get KO'd, to give that look of full relaxation, knocked out, you get it :P
PM me with any and all questions
Trestet Spar 145 seems to be glitched, you're the shadow guy and I'm you

cool spar btw, the only thing I'd say to work on is not twitching so much, you're getting much better at movement and stuff
i love the start. the jump is pretty impressive. is that really 30 grav?
the rest is pretty usual sparring stuff. no highlights but also nothing to complain about.
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