Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
Thanks IITrickin
Im working on a spar but its gunna take a while.
I made this tricking replay for now so people don't forget who I am.
Im definitely gunna make more on this mod

Earl sweatshirt
"Known narcissists, sipping on arsenic
Carved carcasses in the garage, don't park in it"
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Some more tricking, Cnc please.
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Keneth Da Seventh VII.rpl (310.7 KB, 18 views)
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Not bad, in my opinion. I can see the moves you're trying to pull off, but some of 'em feels half done. Pretty cool though, I quite like the speed in it.
thanks m8, the last trick could have been so much better. I had so many different versions of "Keneth da seventh" but that 1 was the most interesting.

feedback appreciated.
Very fun to make, spent 2-3 hours on it

Still working on that self spar but im putting a lot of time in to it because I want
It to be my magnum opis.

AS always lp someone with gud textures
I was using zubin textures wen I made
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Tricking 21.rpl (400.0 KB, 17 views)
SELF SPAR with swords definitely worth a watch

1500 - 900 was done in multiplayer with Hollar
900 - 730 was made in singlelplayer by Hollar
730 - 0 was made in singleplayer by your friendly neighborhood negro
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bloodmod_xspar_ssword.tbm (2.4 KB, 4 views)
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