Havent uploaded since july JESUS
I like this replay a lot, short and sweet.
I have something else to upload, Ill do it next week probably.
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cirqus nuts.rpl (234.7 KB, 11 views)
1500 - 1315 reaper
1315 - 1254 me
1253 - 1110 reaper
1109 - 580 me
580 - 0 reaper
replay I worked on with THE REAPER
might do some changes to the end but good colab in my opinion.
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ass mustard and man custard.rpl (428.0 KB, 14 views)
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I haven't made a single player replay in so long.
I wanna get back to uke bashes but theyre so time consuming to do right.
heres some tricking I did in a couple hours today.
i need to write something to put me at the top of the replay thread.
the ending of rude lube was done in 1 go. The rest I spent a couple tries on each
trick to make it look the way I wanted.
(except the double leg cork - I really want to make it better but I aint got the
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oscar100 - rude lubrication.rpl (489.4 KB, 7 views)
Bouncenotramp.tbm (5.7 KB, 1 views)
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been a while.
decided to revisit an old replay and complete the boom.

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oscar100 - sickly pickles.rpl (176.2 KB, 9 views)
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