Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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cnc all me replays kek.
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Work on momentum generation, The dm's felt really underwhelming. With more momentum it could've given the replay some kick; Although the skeet was nice and the dm's were executed smoothly
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[MAU] Reunion Collaboration WIP.
RayWill135, AlphaN00b, and Draigoon12 a.k.a Manitoda
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[MAU] Reunion Collaboration WIP.
RayWill135, AlphaN00b, and Draigoon12 a.k.a Manitoda

Yes this is me. And bump.
I'm sad with the fact that no one wants to CnC me.
Collab with Glimpsed.
Glimpsed 780-577
Manitoda 577-541
Glimpsed 541-433
Manitoda 433 until the replay finishes.
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im not big on cnc but this replay is cool so yeah ill do my best. and by best i mean all i got is a general overview.

ok so opener pretty standard flip thing is nice, but kinda jerky. liked the lift and follow up that was pretty cool, but when you decapped i was kinda sad cause it looked like you set up for a sick manip and the decap was also really weak. the follow-up combo was pretty sweet. i liked the skeets too especially the bounce one.

ok so overall work on making your movements smooth. Also try something new other than standard opener dms or opener manip dms. mix it up a bit.

idk if this was any good considering im hella washed up but ye.
aaaaaa i meant to do this earlier in the day.

The opener is hella cool, i really dig it, as Static said the decap felt really weak, compared to the manip.

Work on smoothing out the replay, mainly transitioning from one DM to another, other than that it's not bad