Since RayWill135 and AlphaN00b got inactive.
I continued the collab myself.
and i glitched it.
Looks bad.
(By the way the opener from the start to 775 was by AlphaN00b, and the first transition was by me and Ray. The rest i did my self.)
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hi dude imma cnc this for u
i could expect some good things come out of alpha and ray together in a replay but i guess not much for this one since yeah u know

opener would've been cool if it wasnt glitched and thats for the whole replay
transitions were nice and all but towards the first dm was a bit slow
small pause there not quite noticeable but i saw it anyway

clunky tho u could've made at least something special with the first knee dm maybe made it a dbl
dm with knee shin not good, the dms after that i dont mind
nice little skeet there

pose was meh

this almost seemed like it was rushed, still good tho
solid 5/10