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Your opinions/experiences on/with universities right now
I don't know about you fellow college students or even highschoolers/middleschoolers, but my experience so far with online university has been a nightmare. I was an avg student my whole life, when i want to study and want a good grade i can achieve that or at least 80-90% of what i really wanted, but right now i'm just confused. It is actually crazy that now in this situation where we are in a global pandemic, we have more work to do for uni than ever before. Idk everybody i know is stressed like me or even more and are overwhelmed by so many homework, projects, assignments, deadlines etc that they losin' their shit. I myself i'm starting to lose my shit.

I don't say i dislike this online shit totally, i mean i got good grades in some classes because we were able to help each other so i don't say no to that, but at some other classes the teachers didnt even give a fuck to do online classes. In my case there are a lot of old teachers (mostly 60-65+ or even 70+) that didnt retire all this time and in this situation some of them dont know how to use the online platforms the uni is giving us. I mean prob most of you are using microsoft teams or zoom for online courses like me, but these old guys give us the excuse that they dont know how to use them, they dont have the technology to use them, but they accept to talk on email... LIKE FOR REAL EMAIL IN 2020 FOR DISCUSSIONS? Nobody in my series (more than 150 students) know shit about some classes just because of this shit. I'm not gonna add here the teachers who had laboratories in their schedule and couldnt do them f2f and out of nowhere like 1 week ago we got 2-3 assignments to do in like 2-4 days without anyone really explaining how to do them. Yes they did explain them in their material on the online platform, but that is totally different from someone explaining live and showing you what to do.

In the end i'm sick of those teachers who can't understand us that we are not robots, yes i know it's hard for them and even for us to adapt to this online shit, BUT TEENAGERS ARE NOT ROBOTS AND NEITHER ARE YOU TEACHERS. Understand this. You would not like to see your own children being stuck 24/7 with eyes in their PCs/laptops losing their minds. We the young part understood you when you had hard times adapting to this online thing and tried to help, but you the old part seem to do not care at all, which makes this situation even harder.

After all this, i want to hear your opinions, experiences, pros and cons on this hard time we have to face.
One of the uni's here just gave a passing mark to their students before the extended community quarantine. My online classes end on May 20 and I cannot count the number of schoolwork that has been given to me but am working on the last few papers (3 minors, 4 majors)

One teacher gave two tasks which was pretty whack since I expected one task only.

Because of this quarantine, its hard to make money which ofc leads to low food supply.

Oh yeah, whats more fucked up is that we'll be continuing online classes. It is really unfortunate since some of my classmates have no stable internet connection and some do not have laptops/computers.

Its whack.

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lol azzeffir23, you're chilling compared to what I had to go through. The way my university/professors handled my final exam times were atrocious to the point I had to email the Dean.

I don't know but in my opinion, you're not trying enough. If you say you do good in classes you can help each other on tests on but not on classes which you can not mean that you clearly do not study correctly or study at all. But rather rely on cheating to get through. You should be studying for all your classes not when you just want to get a good grade. If needed, make a schedule, follow the schedule, and complete your work. Look at the class syllabus to see what assignments, projects, amount of quizzes/tests, etc that you would expect. Going to lecture in my opinion is the most pointless shit ever; I don't go to them unless it's required. Self-study has been the move. Also, I don't know how many classes you're taking but I doubt it's more than mine. If I can get through it with mostly A's and A- then you can too.

Also no offense but I dislike when people say "I been an average student my whole life" pisses me off. It just shows that you aren't trying or trying efficiently. I know a guy that also said the same thing, however, he changed up his study habits and been studying more often and now the man has a 4.0 in his computer science degree. Just shows that an "average student" can be a "genius".

The parts I personally disliked this past semester were that they did make it so it's our responsibility to get good internet which is kinda shitty on their part. Personally hated lockdown browser with the webcam for quizzes and exams for some classes, if you move your head to the left or right it legit flags you. Some exams and finals exam were a lot more difficult then it needed to be especially my Organic Chemistry 2 class, like holy fuck the final exam was 100% of my grade and she made that hoe insanely hard compared to previous year finals and on top of it being on lockdown browser with webcam.
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