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Beginner clans - Red/Blue
As you may has noticed, there are a couple new clans in town!
Mainly, Red and Blue.

What are these clans all about?

These clans are designed to help beginners learn how to move their Tori's, introduce them to the fun-filled forums, and introduce them into our wonderful community of Toribash. Be nice to them! We don't want to make them think we're horrible people, now do we?

In short, these clans are there to help raise our player retention rate.
With your help, we'll be able to introduce new players to this game of clicking balls and creating fantastic replays.

These clans have a player belt restriction on them.
That means that only players under black belt may join! This is to try to keep the beginner servers free of people who truly know how to play the game and who may ruin the experience for our new players.

Who runs these clans?
Because these are beginner clans, the staff of toribash have decided that the friendly Help Squad will run these clans, as leaders. These optimistic staff members will do their best to make sure every beginner feels welcome to toribash.

What if I want to join Red or Blue to help out new players?
Well my curious Toribash compadre, you CAN join Blue or Red! If you're looking to help our fellow players feel welcome to Toribash, simply send an application to any member of the Help Squad to apply for the role of General. This allows you to start wars, invite members, and help us make decisions based on the future of Red and Blue. And of course, you'll be in the clan! You'll be expected to help out around the clan.

Want to join Red or Blue's discord?

Click these!

Red Discord................................Blue Discord

That's it for the announcement, catch you all around!
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