Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Mercury's Skull
Working on Cold's request for a head texture.
A 100% bespoke hand drawn head, mapped to perfection.

Here's day one's progress.

Decided to play with it a bit more in the evening, nothing to do in these corona times anyway..
Tomorrow I'll play with the metal, once everything is laid out it's time to distress the head a bit.
Still need to add a cause of death, maybe something inside of the head? Cool sticker on the helm?
Going to add more details to the helm as well.

CnC is always welcome.
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Ye I agreee with kars the nose looks a bit too bit rnn also maybe you can add some depth in the eyes too instead of making it flat black I think It'll look nice

Awsome work btw
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Agreed! Will work on the nose a bit.
The black isn't there to stay, I'm still figuring out what I want to put inside of the head,
as said, I still need to figure out a cause of death.

Unfortunately I cannot work much today and tomorrow, but I will continue afterwards!
Fr3styL . Improving by Improvising
I'm an artist.
Oh yeah, some people make heads in 1024x512 now aaaaaaaaand there is a 1024x1024 head texture item fyi

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