I'll wait until it's finished to give final thoughts on this.

Some things I noticed:

- Text at the beginning could use a fade-in in addition to the animation. Maybe make the animation a little faster?
- Pancrop at 1:34 is very linear. It needs to be eased in, use "Smooth" setting on each keyframe, and toy around with the keyframe interpolation slider. Adding more keyframes to get exactly what you are looking for couldn't hurt.
- First parkour replay has some walls that the CC makes solid white. Exposure needs to be lowered. When creating your CC, try and get a still frame that shows the majority of colors in the shot.
- Camera paths are actually pretty good here, and seem more interactive than your previous videos.
- I think the song is pretty uninteresting, so it made these replays seem to drag working at it's pace.

For the pretty empty song, there's a little bit of editing here and there and that's good. You could find a way to sync the replays, rather than just having a blur or skip some frames every once and a while.

These replays are so cool, I'm glad you chose to make Karbn a video.
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I'm still not satisfied by the introduction text too, karbn already suggested to change it too, but for now I have no real idea about it. I already did some tests, but nothing that I really like to... Actually I'm continuing the rest and I will come back to it later I guess.
Do you have any suggestions about the fade-in ? I like the style of it, but I don't know how to make it good instead of just make it popping for now...

You are right about the CC in the first parkour, I have fixed that.

"so it made these replays seem to drag working at it's pace." I'm sorry, even with google traduction, I don't get it lol

For that video, I focus on breaking the repetition of video with camera angles (I added more cameras angles for the last replay), and on the same side, to make a minimalist edition to go with the music. As you said, the music is not really made for something overedited ^^ But yeah, I'm maybe not focusing enough on that point. What do you think about the sync between the music and the tori's moves in the first parkour ?

Indeed, it is a pleasure to work with his replays.

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New WIP to get some feedbacks :

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My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

Hello, for that one I'm under US rap editing inspiration.

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My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

thats cool, really good to have someone who focus on showing players skills instead of heavy edits these days.
and are you taking requests again?
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