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Activity check and Legendary clans news
Good morning to all of you,

Today's news have been in discussion for quite a while among the clan staff team, and today they can finally be announced to the public.

What exactly is the news?

We have 2 major news points.

Thank you all for reading, if you have any questions or objections feel free to point them out in this thread, cheers.
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you're not gonna gain jack shit, let alone revive the game by revoking clans of their official status, just saying, all you're doing is pissing players off by taking something they worked hard for away from them.
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i didnt know toribash had such a lgbtq+ community!

Worst part is I can't change it back till I get home from work.

To address the actual subject of this thread, what you staff guys are doing is not helping the situation of activity. When you try to force someone to do something they will push back against you as hard as they can, out of spite. God dammit I should have done this the last three times that my clans were attacked for inactivity, but I didn't do anything. This time I'm doing something, if that just means bitching about the state of Toribash in general, and about Tori staff, then that's what I'll do. Doesn't matter if the Clans are still active, I think Jack said it best, we worked hard for this shit back when we cared about this goddamn game, and we're proud of the fact that we had something that lasted longer than ourselves, something that stood out that's an achievement rather than just another 5000 TC expense.

I've always felt that staff spergs the fuck out whenever they see something that they don't like, then they implement something that tends to end up imploding on their ass. That's what I see here, and my advice would be for them to chill the fuck out, calm the fuck down, and don't do something rash and over the top that pisses off 70 of the 80 players left.
Not gonna debate whether this is right or not. I just have a mere suggestion, feel free to hear it or not. Based on what i read and my understanding, clan that are failed the activity check will go straight to unofficial and some people might think that as a disgrace or something like that. I'd believe giving an option whether they want to become unofficial or straight to dead clan within time period would do the job. Since when they failed they are not automatically remove but given some time, so why not proposed the option in that period... If there is no clear answer within the period, take a safe bet and make it unofficial. (Would be much better than when you come back and suddenly everything is gone)
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Any clan that's worth anything is either in the red zone or yellow zone apparently.

Forcing players to stay active will only drive them away, they're like 13 years old...

sir I hope you reap what you sow here.
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I wonder if green clans will get rewards for complete the necessary points or even a higher reward for reaching a clean 100 points.