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(Nitro) Nitro

Once there was a modest clan labeled (SAPT). In the clan there were three skilled leaders. One dark day two of the leaders stole from the clan bank to satisfy their addiction to new textures. The last pure leader Zack united with his right hand man Day to make a new clan "Nitro." Filled with anger to show the two evil leaders that they should of never betrayed their trust. Nitro furiously cut through the other clans that stood in their way.


1.) Listen to the leaders.
2.) Respect everyone no matter what clan or relations you have with them.
3.) If you are inactive on the forums you will be kicked.
4.) Do not spam the chats.
5.) Have fun and don't cause problems.
6.) The Clan Discussion thread is to be used for clan related things; anything having no relation to the clan is not permitted.
7.) Political arguments or politics in general are not welcome.
8.) If someone tells you that they can get you banned don't do anything until you have confirmed it with a leader or a member of staff.
9.) Don't war a clan that you have no chance of beating, only war people who will give you a challenge and really test your skills, if you lose we expect you to own up to it.

[X]become a clan
[X]get 15 active members
[X]get 10k in bank
[X]get 50k in bank
[X]get 100k in the bank
[X]become Rank 10
[X]become Rank 5
[X]become Well known
[X]achieve official
[X] rank 1 achieved 11/19/2014
[X] reach 2,000 clan points! achieved 1/3/15
[] Get 1,000,000 in the bank.
[] Get 5,000,000 in the bank.


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Hey fly I'm just posting to wish your clan the best of luck and I hope you guys go far
In Beta We Trust
Who gave you permission to do this fly?
If I remember, if a clan was made, it cannot be used without the former owners consent. Not mad or nothing, just wondering.
I am indeed DeakManiac
sorry i forgot that was a rule
thanks for telling me that helps a lot I just changed the name to USMarine instead and my tag to USA thanks for telling me it means a lot
Clan war
Hey Two Guys of yours Came to me and my clan members and said they wanted a war but are war manager wasn't on so we couldnt make sure you guys contact war manager or go to our forums before you just go out asking for war and dont be disrespectful
hey fly check out March 12th ban list and see who was being a bad boy X)
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hey flyace somebody said they will invite me but i did not get it mono (or nono) rail was there can you send me a invite