Good SelfSpar.
The Tori and Ukes movement is very imbalance to me, way too focus on Tori Part.
But i still like the choreography between the two. Good Job

8.7/10 ( I'm so lazy )
Thanks ET ill definitely put that advice to good use

Edit: added a bad tricking replay
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On the first trick, you jumped from your toes, its better to jump with your foot flat on the ground. You keep contracting and extending your legs mid-flip, which doesn't look good. You landed leaning to one side, that makes it harder to continue. You should of continued the spin until you were upright. On the next trick you twisted to the left, that ruins the flow. You should of spun to the right. I don't really know what you did after that, but it doesn't really fit. You just relaxed all. The scoot you did wasn't the best. Your attempted cork didn't look that good either because you barely had height, and the position in the air wasn't very good. Try watching other trickers to see the position they use as they cork. I edited your replay a bit to show what you could have done with your setup.

I'm not really a good tricker either though, but hopefully I helped a bit. Sorry for the long paragraph
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"It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful"
My replay thread
Thanks Instep! this was my first attempt at a chain of tricks so i wasn't sure how to make everything flow I usually just do one trick then end the replay like a cork or a backflip, back full etc I also rushed a lot but that is no excuse.
Warup im here too

I Love Traps <3

Hey stance im glad u have a replay thread the replays are good at least for me
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Some more tricking CnC if you want

Also hehe thanks hyndu
Another Bump Replay
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Originally Posted by Stance View Post
I was gonna try to make this a manip then i realized i cant manip

That is pretty sick you can tell youre picking it up a lot more. The only things that stood out most to me were the second hit maybe could've had more BOOM, and after that hit the fall down looks a little stiff like you force. Pretty good bro keep it up!