Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
Thanks C L A Y.

Another pk replay. Only took 4 hours sooooo CNC would be nice
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Sup. About last rep. I realy hate (with all my heart) when wrists are in a relaxed state or bend at the wrong moment. But it still looked juicy. You well manipulated uke. However, you could not make one headkick, but a whole madman. On the whole, it is well done (And one more thing. Try not to allow a long gap when tori does nothing). Good luck on ur replaymaking
PS Sry fr my english, i write this in google translate

decap is solid but the rest of the replay is really twitchy

i would suggest working on making fluid movements with your tori rather than being twitchy just to make things work (i.e. the manip), and using the ground to push yourself and get that speed like you did with your decap setup
good luck!
Thanks Again! ill work on those

Some tricking CNC would be nice (up to frame 1349 was done by Audreus)
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Really no need to cnc this since I did it fast but if you want to go ahead
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A wip nothing is concrete i might honestly scrap this
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