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[TBA] | [CLASSROOM] | [A] Art

This is where the Art Makers reside.
The Art classroom is all about learning how to draw, paint, the very fundamentals of texturing and making art! Want to learn how to make your own textures, or maybe make your own master piece? Our doors are open wide!
If you have any questions or concerns please, go ahead and ask them here!

You can also post teacher/lesson requests here, the format is as follows...

Subject:{Example: Shading, Texturing, Coloring, Structure, Mapping, other.}
Question/Request: {This just gives us a starting point, describe your problems or questions as best you can}

Posting reference photos and examples are encouraged!
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[A] Head Texturing Tutorial

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Thanks to my clan who helped me to put this out, it is still some points left.


Hope this helps the community.
Post your doubts here if you wish.

Moderators can point some english mistakes or misunderstandings

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Nice to see these types of threads.

Feel free to add any more of your tutorials i love the one on head textures, you do a great job explaining
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