Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
Its a good start. Try research the fundamentals of animation to help with your squash and stretch, also as the ball falls and gains speed, you would want to draw less frames to give the illusion of more speed and will help it flow more.

My animation teacher made us use this for the ball exercise: https://sites.google.com/site/mcvian...all_action.jpg

You can see as the ball gains speed less frames are drawn as well as when it is slower in 9 and 10, there are more frames drawn.The volume of the ball is always kept consistent such as when it squashes it gets wider.

Hope this helps keep at it
<tunadao> And if the potato get old it will be better,because noones can eat a old potato it turns into legendary potato
Been working on a new sculpt, wasn't entirely going for realism but more of a cartoony approach.

I'll edit this post if I finish this character.

looks okay for a first try, try to avoid smoothing too much because you need to keep some hard edges where they are supposed to be, like around the eyes, mouth, ear, nose.
Also when doing cartoon characters you still need good anatomy, its the proportions you can play around with. Try to use less strength on your brushes so you can really fine-tune the details.
I'll give that a try but I'll probably have to redo the facial hair because when I add topology the mesh, the particle system goes haywire. Anyways, here's what it looks like in sculpt mode. I'll look into how to make sharper edges for my next character though. Really appreciate the feedback.

yeah that looks way better already with just some small fixes
for some nose shaping.
Also the eyebrows is usually around the same level as the top of the ears, even in 3d animations this is the case, and its pretty much the standard all around.

Ofc you can intentionally drop the ears down a bit, or bring them up a tiny bit based on artistic freedom, but its those things you can keep in mind when sculpting. Just look at that ear position, easy to remember right?

What can easily make your sculpt look better is the sternocloidmastoidmuscle which basically goes from the back of your ears down towards the top of your chest.

Its quite easy to include in your sculpt, because you can basically just use a clay brush and draw it in. Just an easy way to make everything look better.

Also hair is pretty much the last thing you add, only add it when you know you are truly finished with the sculpt.
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