Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
Nice replay you got but i notice you still struggle to balance yourself and not fall to the ground. Also dont focus too much on fixing serveral joints because you are forgetting to balance and move smoother with the other parts. That was noticeable when you tried to get the hand dm so u could skeet the head and you were focusing so much on the dm that you fell to the ground and lost lots of speed and your tori looked like it was struggling to get up again because you raised your shoulder so your balance was focused on the arm rather than the whole upper body. Try to focus the whole balance mainly on your feet so you get a better understanding of it. (i think the rpl is made i cba to check sry). Also you placed your hand below your leg on frame 230 and that was stopping you from placing your leg on the ground earlier so you could balance your body. Dont do that id rather you use ghosting instead of blocking your own bodypart.
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Overall really cool repaly, but skit looks very strange, but anywasy cool 89/100
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bad replay
shitpost tbh
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shut up. just, stop talking.
the beginning of the replay is sort of slow and wonky, and you take a while to pick up the pace and flow of the manip. plus, i think you abuse way too much of this crouched horse stance

other than that, the replay progresses really well, good job
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replay i made back in September so this thread doesn't die
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shut up. just, stop talking.

even though it was pretty basic i did unironically enjoy this replay

opener is whatever i don't care about those. how u used it was fine and i was particularly a fan of how your arm was in front of your leg in the first spin (even if it did just get stuck) it make the tori bend in a weird way and get into a super unique position while still spinning and it looked really cool to me

i didn't like the foot tapping the ground at roughly 360, even if it was to maintain direction it looked super off because it was so short

i wouldn't have personally extended the knee at 340 but it worked anyway so i cant really complain

first couple kicks are ok, i don't really like no dm kicks personally but i can see the appeal. the decap kick was really sweet though. its quite rare for someone to kick the part they were grabbing (usually because of range issues) so im always a fan when i see it and the way the foot was at the other side of his head before it dmd was cool too lol

and it went flying too that's cool

u were in a difficult position after but regardless i feel u could've done more after the decap than the pec scrape dm. it just looked like a struggle to figure out what to do tbh (i would've went for roughly the same kick, but instead i would have tried to hook under the elbow-wrist area with my other leg to bring him closer and get better ghosting)

kick after was okay but your upper body really didn't move during it (especially the arms) and it looked wonky to me but if this is what ur into then keep doing it

change of direction was pretty nice i just wish ur hand didn't hit the pec during the spin but that's a nitpick

last kick was really cool and im a big fan of the pose for whatever reason

u have some fun movement and dms i just feel u need to pay attention to the other parts of ur tori more and try to plan ahead at least a little bit (so u don't leave urself in uncomfortable positions like the last few hits)