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2~3k Set Request
I need a gradient dark red (unsure if any color looks like this, supernova is too bright, possibly vampire?) for everything except feet, hands, floor, and DQ ring. Basically all the major muscles/body parts but the head, which I have already bought from somebody. As you can tell, for the large amount of textures I am purchasing, I am going pretty cheap, so I don't need uber-professional, I-worked-on-this-for-a-month kind of textures, just some simple markings, gradients, and design.

If you wish to negotiate the price, please give me a preview image of what the full set looks like, and I will talk with you.
Look you don't have to name the colors by tb names. If it isn't what u want, then don't use it.

I MIGHT do this one if I get bored. It depends how my time works out.

This is certainly unusual.
I'm Nevil
I don't really know. Just dark gradient red/black, and tribal like markings. Perhaps some dark purple for some emphasis on the sides or something. Nothing too hard really.

If anybody actually does this (since apparently everybody's being noncommital to such a simple and cheap job), then I will transfer you the TC immediately after you post here saying you've finished and will give the set upon payment.
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