Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Texture set request (100k prize!)
ok, im in need of a new EPIC set, so heres my request

Style: robot that been smashed up (like been through lots of fights)

Colors: mostly black n white but with parts of gold on the armor and red for blood splatered on the body

Details: id like there to be blood splattered on parts of him (the left leg and on to left foot, somewhere on the torso, and on the top right of head)

look to this pic for inspiraton butmake sure its mostly black and white, not completely gold like in the pic (though, like i said there can be gold on some parts of te armor)

Also, try to make a biomech, like not fully human or monster, but not fully robot either

If mrama could work on this, itd be great too!! lolz
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i kno this is kinda an early bump but
no one want to work on this?

cmon i have 100k for the best set i find!!
nacho-great set! read your pms too

David- i'll wait for ya! hope to see somethin awesome