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(GR) Gear Recruitment

Here we will read your app carefully So, Don't miss with anything and work on the app, not just filling it with S#@t.

Minimum belt to apply is Blue, If you have another account tell us.

We accept here the free form Applications.
Please don't fill it with useless things.

You must include these things:

Nickname, a short name you would like us to call you with.
Your belt.
How is your activity in game and in forum.
Why you choose us and why we should choose you.
What are you ready to help the clan with(not donations).
and if you see any thing that we should know and it will make us let you in then include it...
It is free form application.
Got any infractions or bans before? why?
Got in any clan before us? why did you leave?

And the most important thing you have to answer:
Have you read the rules? what do you have to do when you can't be active?

Recruitment cards

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