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[REL] ToriStudio: create mods from your browser
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The ingame mod maker is hard to use. So I decided to a make mod maker that is easier to use.



  • 'W' to translate object
  • 'E' to rotate object
  • 'R' to scale object
  • '-' to decrease the size of the helper
  • '+' to increase the size of the helper
  • hold down 'Ctrl' to snap to grid

Current version
Alpha 0.0.2

Tech used
  • three.js
  • dat.gui

Change log
Alpha 0.0.2:
  • q button is working now
  • rotation fixed
  • shif + drag to copy object
  • automated object generation through scripting

  • add tori and uke
  • add configuration menu for gamerules
  • add mod importer

Scripting example
Here is a random cube generator:

JavaScript code


And is a procedural "city" generator script:

JavaScript code


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