This isnt realy a bug but if u decap some one or are holding or attacked 2 uke or multiplayer player's limbs the goast says your going 2 do sumthing that is dumb like push you away for no reason but u dont!
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err i think this is good or not

when playing multi player
and after the match the replay gives a 30 fps on my laptop
but when normal viewing of replays (setup->replays)
i only gives me 17 fps
all i want is a straight 20-30 fps to everything
instead of just multi player replays

never mind its only fast when 2nd replay is done
so i'll just press wait for whole frames to finish to get nice fps on replays
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Darn, not even this beta works for intel too.
Could you try making shaders support intel? My graphix card could support combat arms and for some reason not shaders.
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aww man i know weve bitched and moaned about this before but us mac users would also like to enjoy these new versions even if you are only testing windows
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Hampa, please. Could you change the force style? Make it just like the old one? I think it is better for some people.

"Mouse Buttons" in Setup / Options.
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theres no music in this beta release is it a bug or did you remove it


Ghost sounds are removed too.
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i have a problem with Russian encoding in this version

What problem?

Does the text appears as "?".
may i ask why it was removed
btw i like your pic hampa very nice
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