Hampa, bro. You should make it like windows update (Without the major PC probs) and have it like, autoupdate, just like the /custom folders, which would be cool if your gonna keep updating. I remember last week beta 3 just came out... Workin your butt off, arent ya.
heres a bug i said in another thread, the autosave doesnt work
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i know this is not a major bug but i it may cause recording problems but if your holding the left arrow to spin the camera and then save while that happens it keeps spinning after you save
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Originally Posted by Jan_miguel View Post
Ok, I'm going to try that

also I dont see the chat list

even if I
/chat cache 0,1 and 2

/opt chatcache 0,1,2,3

3 is the default now
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Originally Posted by Jan_miguel View Post
It doesn't work hampa

i told you i typed /opt :/
and the stderr.txt has nothing to say

If I recall, /opt chatcache 0 is the original chat settings, so if even that doesn't work then something is broken with your computer =/
i cant wait for the linux version


does this happen to anybody else?
see the blood

i use wine
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Originally Posted by NinjaTori View Post
i cant wait for the linux version

Ninja, you really don't miss anything. And please, stop saying about the Linux'es versions. They will come out as soon as Hampa fix the Betas and the new versions.
i have a question
how do you ake it off a fixed framerate
in options i have switched between 30 and 60 fps
, so how do you do an unfixed fps
do you use wildcard * in there, or what??
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