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(Decap) Recruitment

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Decap APP

Name:FooL79 (game) Diego (real name)
Skype(optional)diego,fool ([email protected])
Forum Activity, Qualify Yourself 1-10: 5=see forum all day i post only when is necessary
In-Game Activity,Qualify Yourself 1-10: 8=2h/day only aikido
Why You Want To Join In (Decap)?: for try ^^
Tell something about yourself:
I'm a father, i play on coffee break at work and at home when my daughter sleep
Post 5 of Your Best Replays:
5 random replay of my collection
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Aikido Decap 1.rpl (52.3 KB, 4 views)
[D] FooL79.rpl (102.1 KB, 3 views)
Fly and suplex.rpl (35.7 KB, 4 views)
power punch.rpl (35.7 KB, 4 views)
RoundBack Kick.rpl (78.3 KB, 5 views)
Name:chros90 real name Christian. Belt white/lol.Age 8. I only play when i get from school.I want to join because:i can a 8 year old kid who goes to school.go to other account for replays.
Forum Activity, Qualify Yourself 1-10:5
In-Game Activity,Qualify Yourself 1-10:1h a day
Why You Want To Join In (Decap)?:I wanna be in a clan war
Tell something about yourself:i once drank a ava lamp and its not lava. jk