Yeah, I was going to put tori and uke in there. I even have the obj files. But javascript was bitching too much and I kinda lost focus and forgot about it.

I will update this app next year, so be sure to check it out then.
This is damn fine work.

If anything needs to be changed, I think you'd need to rectify some of the values. For the rotation, for example, I think degrees would be much easier to use.

Also, as much as I like a good slider, the ability to type precise values is lacking.

Looking forward to the development of this app tho !
That's a really good mod! (Or how to say it)

What you can add is: A counter (You can only use up to 128 blocks), so you know how much blocks you have used and how much you have left.

I just wonder if you maybe can add it into the game, like;

You use the same concept, but all these stuff ingame instead. And you can change the blocks like (solid or not) etc.

Sorry for bad eggleash x)