Hi my name is SwatKill. I am 11 year old and i am Blue Belt i have been play this game for 3 or 4 years ago and 1 day my account got glitch and i have to stopped and my PC has been broken i have to play from my dad laptop. I have a big brother.My favorite mod is Boxshu and mushu,i some time play play other mod with friend like tilt fix,msds and artillery.I always play this game every day 10/24.
Thank you for paying attention for this app.Pls let me join your clan it will be appriciated to join thank you.
i forgot to mention i came from vietnam and and have steam i have radioactive relax and 3563 TC i fix my application mistake.
BTW pls let me join your clan
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Hi,i am SwatKill my country is Vietnam.I am 11,my belt is blue in this game.My i have a laptop but my pc is broken.My best mod is Boxshu.tbm,Mushu.tbm and Judo.tbm.My forum activity scale is 6 (in game is 10 out of 11).I have Skype and Steam.Reason i want to join your clan is because i have been kick out from my old by not play toribash for too long clan it name Lucky.
Thank you for paying attention my application.
Still nope. Really work on your application SwatKill. Put effort into it. I'll give you 1 more chance and then a 1 week cooldown.
Hi my name is SwatKill,you can call me Swat if you want,i'm Vietnamese,i am a Blue belt.I have Steam but i don't have Skype.My best mod is mushu,boxshu,Judo,Aikido and ABD.I want to help your clan to become the Clan leader.
i will be very appriciated if you invite me to your clan
Sorry no that makes 3. Maybe apply some other time. Your application isn't really at the point we'd like it as well as your In-Game skills. Thank for applying though.
Hi my name is Charles (In-Game, Bob), 13 yrs old, Black belt, forum activity is at a 6/10. Im in GM +9. in game activity: 4/10 because I just started again. I will be more active. I could say the mod im best at is Greykido. Got Skype. Im am joining because I met ZENBOY and he convinced me into joining. I will try to upload 3 ABD clips. Just remember that ABD is one of my lowest suites, so I will try.
I'm not going to really waste my time by writing a stupidly long application for you Zenboy.
You know who I am, and you know what I'm capable of. I'm willing to help you out with forum activity, and I want to join a clan that actually has some hope.
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Bob leaning towards yes but we want to see your replays before accepting.

Valt we appreciate the gesture but we all know your going for the most bans record and we can't exactly handle that as far as our PR goes. Thanks though.