I have a suggestion for the entire Toribash Multiplayer actually..

How about a split screen 1 v 1 + 1 v 1 fights?
Two queues in the same room.

That way you get more players to play at the same time instead of 50 waiting.
I think it's quite doable.
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Two things;

1) might wanna sticky the OP in this thread,

2) Since we didn't get a response, what about ultimate wushu? (brushu.tbm or similar)
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i dont think we should replace both, i also dont think tk autotourney would be so interesting but ponf will decide all that ig
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mod requests:
Public Mushu --> Public Wushu (or some variant better suited for public)

we already have boxshu, public mushu is unnecessary. I'd love to see some variant of wushu in public mods again.
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How bout some of that Pub ABD, for those of us who don't like waiting for tourneys to finish, and don't want to have to worry about running out of time in Q-ABD
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Second Public twinswords server pls!! It's always full of people, thus the queue is always huge to play it, and just because it can sometimes be empty during times when there's few people playing in general (just like any other server) doesn't mean a second one wouldn't boost activity during active hours like hell.
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Public Taekkyon.tbm? It's my favorite mod and it's not available anywhere aside from user-created servers.

[or you know, public Erthtk]
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