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(Manifest) Is Recruiting

Manifestus Fatum

We Are Dreamers
Dreamers Reach For The Stars


Our story begins as any other would, there once was a handsome prince named Azraeel who dreamed of leading something that would actually amount to something instead of just leading a walking pile of rubbish, but he could never quite figure out how or what he should base his clans on.
One night, this beautiful prince had a magical dream, a dream that let him imagine and create anything, achieve god like abilities and twist the fabrics of reality.
However, that was just a dream and he soon woke to find that none of that actually happened.
This euphoric dream that gave him so much confidence and glory; also gave him the idea to create a clan, a clan that based open dreams and dreamers, a clan that would hopefully help him to find other people who had experienced these exciting and intensely wonderful dreams and confirm that he is not the only one who has had the pleasure.


Rule 1. Dont be too toxic or rude
Rule 2. Be serious when the time is needed; there is always a time for fun and games, but sometimes you have to be serious
Rule 3. Dont Multiclan
Rule 4. Dont fuck around in wars
Rule 5. Be a good boy


You can either write an application or meet us ingame and get tested.


Apply for official [ ]
Get official [ ]
Enlist 5 members [ ]
Enlist 10 members[ ]
Enlist 20 members [ ]
Enlist 50 members [ ]
Enlist 100 Members [ ]
Win 5 wars [ ]
Win 30 wars [ ]
Win 50 wars [ ]
Win 100 wars [ ]
Rank 100 [ ]
Rank 50 [ ]
Rank 1 [ ]
Get reputation [ ]
Become Legendary [ ]


Good Luck To All And Merry Christmas!
The Emperor Decrees