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[GM] The Toribash Ladder

For those who want to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are consistently the best player.


This is a multiplayer event. Once you sign up you will start at the bottom of the ladder.
To move up the ladder you can challenge anyone up to 3 places above you. If you beat that player, you change places in the ladder.
Of course, you will also have to defend your place from challengers who are also trying to work their way up!

Rules on challenging

You can only play against a specific person once a week, so no challenging someone who just beat you or repeatedly challenging the same person.
To challenge someone, send them a PM and post in the thread that you challenged them. They will have 3 days to respond before action is taken.
You can also challenge someone by finding them ingame. They MUST respond to the challenge unless they are busy hosting, in a tournament or in a clan match.
If the player you challenged has already challenged someone, you must wait for that match to finish before playing yours. If the player you challenged wins that match, your challenge will now apply to the player has beaten instead.
You can also use the IRC channel #Ladder if you have any queries, or just want somewhere to talk to arrange your matches.

Additionally, please use the following format when informing the team in this thread about the challenges you have made:

Challenger, your position:
Chalenged, his position:
Have you checked that you're both eligble for challenge:
Have you PMed Him:

Rules on how to play your matches

Players MUST agree on what they are playing to. We recommend best of 5, but it is ultimately your choice.
Players MUST agree on the mod that they want to play. This can be ANY mod they like.
If players cannot reach agreement they will use the mod blacklisting method explained below, and will choose from the list of official mods.
Players MUST record their wins in the thread. Attaching replays is a good idea too as it helps verify that you won thought it isn't compulsory.

Challenge format:

Challenger, your position:
Chalenged, his position:
Have you checked that you're both eligble for challenge:
Have you PMed Him:


Challenger, your position: Dargon, 5th
Chalenged, his position: Solax, 4th
Have you checked that you're both eligble for challenge: Yes (THIS IS IMPORTANT! Check that neither of you have challenges bending when you challenge somebody. Preferable check two or three pages back to see if somebody has challenged him, but it hasn't been updated to ladder yet.)
Have you PMed Him: Yes.

Mod blacklisting

Each player blacklists a mod from the official mod list below, meaning that the mod cannot be played in this match.
Players then try to agree on which mod to use out of the remaining mods.
Repeat these steps for as long as you cannot agree, there will be an odd number of mods so by the end of this you WILL have a mod to play.

Official mods


The ladder itself

here is the ladder

This looks great! But what if I am going to be inactive for a while?

Not a massive problem. All you need to do is let us know.
Post in the thread saying you will be inactive, and the duration for which it will last. Your name will be a different colour in the ladder to let people know that you are not to be challenged.
You will still be moved down the ladder at 5 places per week, which will be a much slower rate than you would if you were to not tell us and automatically forfeit games; or worse, be removed from the ladder entirely and having to start all over again.

Great! So, How do I join in?

Right here in this thread of course! Just fill this out, and post it in the thread:

Clan (if any):
Times you normally play (in GMT):

So what's the point? Why bother?

Well, if the chance to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that you are THE best player in the game isn't alluring enough...
There will be additional prizes given out every month for various reasons and achievements.
For now they will remain a secret, but stay active and keep playing!
You shall see them soon enough.

Additional languages







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Times you normally play (in GMT):+1 13 pm-17pm 19pm-21pm
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Times you normally play (in GMT): 1400 - 0000 (midnight)
Overall prizes sent.
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PM Erth, he loves it.
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