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[YouTube] Saveable

Welcome to


ConCon Channel

This is a YouTube series in which I present the community with a challenge in which you must save yourself in tough situations as brought to you by the community.

This will be focused on your abilities to edit replays and save yourself from losing, in hopes that you will have fun and possibly learn new things.

This is a weekly event.

Think you've got the Saving skill for the Challenge?


You must use the replay in which the tough situation is shown and edit it from a specific frame.
You may only post 1 replay attempt.
Do not post failed saves.

You may Post 2 kinds of replays!

- Your entry
- A tough situation to be used as a "Saveable Challenge"

Please be informative on which replay kind you are posting.

The Videos:


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Here's my submission. It's default.tbm, but using the dojo. Try to save yourselves from this one!
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Insert random reference to you here.
waiting for 1st video so i understand this and propably get in this! i love the idiea so far

good work
Welcome me back maybe?
Sounds really cool, Can't wait to try it out, I'm hoping it's not just regular aikido saves rather something fun like soccer? Or other cool mods
Parkour like you've never seen before:
Hmm I wonder if this should be a sunday or monday event. How do you guys feel about it launching tomorrow? I have the first challenge ready.