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Mod Mania 2020
Hello and welcome to Mod Mania!

Mod Mania is a series of mod-based championships.
The task is simple: play in modmania rooms while the event is in action, win games and get rewards!

General info
Each mod (or mod type) will stay in modmania rooms for 1 week and then will be changed to the next one.

Event Results

All-time top list:

Damned - 1120 wins
Bison - 781 wins
mimi - 531 wins
DaddySpace - 519 wins
Lordzxx - 502 wins

Boxshu_mushu_v3 week

Aikido week

Judo week

Lenshu week

Mod Mania Prizes
For every week, you will be able to claim a variety of rewards:

Basic prizes for winning 10, 25, 50 and 100 games
These will be TC, ST and items which can be claimed through the game client instantly after meeting the requirements.

Top list placement prizes
At the end of each championship, top 50 players will receive bonus Toricredits and Shiai Tokens (up to 50K TC and 5 ST) based on their placement.

Global challenge prizes
In addition to classic rewards, each week there will also be global challenge prizes.
These will be added to all participants' accounts (at least 1 game won) at the end of each championship in case the community goal is completed.

Have fun and stay safe!
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why my wins got reseted? (not after boxshu got finished)
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Oh, so it's not just me.
I just lost my 63 wins.
...also, why riki and others are no longer on top on my ranking and why the global progress changed from 4800 to 1749
I reset the game but it didn't help.To prove it, I insert two photos, the first one with the prizes that i already won and the second one with the current status of my ranking (The prizes are of course from this week's competition as you can see from the dates).
Screen of the game is from 10 minutes ago.

PS:I also wonder if my nickname is still in the ranking of other people (before the error I was 16th). If it is displayed correctly in the ranking of other people it would mean that only me and people above me have this problem (In such a situation I could at least continue the competition blindly without knowing my position). Could someone check their ranking and tell me if my name is still there, not necessarily admin, anyone.

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hurh hurh hurh *chews grass*
Originally Posted by GrillePain View Post
I am #2 and I have the exact same problem ^

You're #4*, look above.

I suggest you to keep playing and have fun until they answer us. It can always turn out that this is only a display problem and we have not lost our victories but we are simply unable to see them. I hope it's something like that.

UPDATE: I got my ranking and stats back.
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hurh hurh hurh *chews grass*
Judo week rewards have been delivered, this week's mod is lenshu and the reward for 100 wins is a special version of Shutter Shades. Have fun!
Originally Posted by Damned View Post

In the top three in three different competitions,
I'd be tired too.
hurh hurh hurh *chews grass*
There'll be more weeks?
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