Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Opener Challenge 6

Hello and welcome back to the opener challenge event, brought to you by the Event Squad!

Special thanks to Jaker for providing this challenges opener!
In this event you will be provided with a pre-made opener to edit after a set number of frames in order to complete the challenges described.
Edit the opener after 50 frames have elapsed and beat the challenges to claim your prize! Extra special prizes will be given out to the best replay as usual!

1. Do not edit uke's joints
2. Replay hacking is forbidden
3. Do not change any game rules
4. Do not steal another players' replays
5. Do not attempt to enter more than once using multiple accounts
6. Do not edit the replay before 50 frames have passed (Displayed as frame 950 by default)

Game Client:
Go to the News tab in the in-game client and choose the "Opener Challenge" event. Press the "Participate" button located bottom right. Once the match frames run out you will see a "Submit" button on the bottom of your screen - pressing it will allow you to upload your replay to be reviewed by the Event Squad. Keep in mind that we will only judge your first replay uploaded this way, if you want to change your entry to a different replay you will need to upload it on the forums. Please try to mention in your post you are changing your entry so we don't think you're trying to receive prizes twice!

Download the attached replay and move it into your replays folder. Load it and press the e key to edit it at or after frame 50 (Replay displays it as frame 950 by default, pressing Shift+P can be used to move one frame at a time). Once you are satisfied with your entry make a post in this thread with your replay attached. If you want to modify your replay before the deadline, edit your post and add a different replay instead, don't make a new post for each replay.

Get 3 or more dismemberments on Uke
2 Shiai Tokens
3,000 Toricredits

Get 5 or more DMs on Uke
4 Shiai Tokens
8,000 Toricredits

Best replay
10 Shiai Tokens
50,000 Toricredits

Honourable Mentions
8 Shiai Tokens
20,000 Toricredits

April 10th, 16:00 UTC
Players who upload their entries via the forums will receive their rewards shortly after the deadline.
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My Entry Enjoy.
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