Endurance Onslaught 4
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Boom just blew my mind but a skeet in the end would be neat.

Done and done. An edit of our collab.

(the boomhit is bugged, so in some versions of toribash the lumbar doesn't dismember)
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oh yeah
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The boom was pretty awesome.
The back chop that came after the boom was kinda bad.
Next kick was OK.
The decap was fine.

This ^

and the skeet is fucking my brain
On the last replay: The start was kinda messy, like when you don't know what you are actually doing. The boom was awesome, although you lost flow after it entirely. The setting up for the skeet was really badly done:it was slow and messy, also the skeet isn't so spectacular that it'd be a must in the replay, just do a nice pose instead.
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also the skeet isn't so spectacular that it'd be a must in the replay, just do a nice pose instead.

I would, but I really wanted to get the other elbow too.
oh yeah
Well, The boom was destructive as fuck, really loved it.
And then the decap, elbow dm and skeet was really good, actually i liked the decap most.
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Well before you start the boom, when you pushed uke somethin', you twitched your hand...
But yeah, as 17april said, the boom was destructive as hell. It's pretty awesome. (You finally got the glute hah?)
First elbow DM looked pretty random and simple.
The kick for the decap looked pretty powerful.
And again, before you catch your hand, your hand twitched something too. (I've realized that because my TB is soo laggy and too slow, but it's hardly noticeable If your TB is working fastly)
Skeet looked good. But I didn't like that you've used the joint for the DM not the hand.
Overall, pretty awesome replay.
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You got boom and cool hit.

Second skeet was the best, it really really aimed pretty well and... And... Awesome.
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