Endurance Onslaught 4
I see you are heading to the right direction here, I'll be a little nitpicky cause you don't have any ""major"" flaws anymore, so here it goes, *always take what i say with a grain of salt tho

So the first thing would be at the run, more specifically at the frame 1400, usually its a common thing for people to hold their elbows as soon as they contract during their runs, but theres a downside, which is usually that your elbow micro-extend cause of the overall motion, but apparently you noticed that and contracted it right after the micro extension, the problem is that it looked like a twitch, so i'd advice while running, dont hold your elbows, always keep them contracted, unless you are aiming for micro movements, or before launching, only then holding them might be a good option cause it'll do the micro extension that you could turn into a relaxed state and let it move naturally cause of the momentum.
After that, theres your launch, I see many people getting this launch wrong, you didn't get it completely wrong but, you still wasted a lot of momentum by contracting your left knee instead of actually spinning with your legs to your right, I can tell that throughout all your replay your arm movements are just fine, problem is that you are not being able to sync them perfectly with your legs (your torso, pecs, everything else is fine tho), BUT which is causing a huge waste of momentum, remember when you asked for launching tips? its the same principle. After the launch I feel like you dropped down quite a bit, but I understand it might be cause you wanted to jump higher, but there are other ways you could have jumped higher without dropping THAT much, you have done it before, so you know what im talking about. The jackknife looked okayish, I feel like you still wasted a bit of momentum towards the end of the execution, however, the hook looked ehh, i'm one of those people that hate hooks with fully extended knees like that, but thats just personal preference, you still managed to make it look like a hook tho, so props to you, the landing tho, i don't know if that was planned, but you landed it in a super awkward position, I get the whole comic feel of the replay and all, but still, that could be improved as well.
The transition into the bboyish move after the landing (I have no idea whats the name of that move) looked fire, except when you extended the knees, i've done that move so many times, the main issue with your execution was also towards the ending, i liked that you switched legs instead of landing with your left leg, it added a nice touch to the move overall, but, during the execution of that move we usually extend the glutes then right before the landing we contract them, or vice versa, you, on the other hand, you contracted then extended then contracted the glutes again, which looked a bit odd when playing it full-speed, so i'd advice always make up your mind before executing it, and try do to it with as little corrections as possible so it looks "cleaner". The landing looked marvelous, you got a lot of momentum transferred into the landing with the legs extension, great job on that.
I loved how you slowed down right before the launch on the last trick, it has a huge impact on the overall look of the trick imo, and you get enough airtime to go wild, yet once again you wasted a huge rotation potential during the setups of the trick, I can tell you are experimenting new things tho, which is amazing, the trick looked just fine, and the extended legs during rotation are one of my favorites ngl, but the momentum waste is def noticeable. I loved the arm movement during the landing, looked super natural and it was more than enough to build/transfer even more momentum to your hook. Great job.
Nothing much to say about the hook tho, the form was p good, i love how you contract your arms during the rotation, i always do that with my hooks and i feel like it looks clean af, again with the extended knee, but well, honestly I feel like at this point you're skilled enough to avoid those over-extended knee hooks q:^).

On the overall, amazing replay, honestly I feel a bit fooled, cause when i watched it at first i literally thought you were dodging balls or smth, so i was like bro you forgot to post the damn mod, smh. Don't be discouraged to keep experimenting, as i said you are heading to the right direction, keep em coming brudda.

Excuse my shitty english/the huge essay, and I hope you get what I mean, cheers :^)
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finished old ukebash + replay i put in a different thread when i forgot i had a replay thread
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santan: I have a thing for ukebashes made with uke so you already won me over with that

Although the opener being well executed, it falls short on some aspects in my opinion, as in the frequent speed gains and losses you had there, it would be better if the pace was more constant. Also, you found yourself in an awkward position after finishing your break dance move at 1315 so that's a minus.

Other than that, I would absolutely change nothing in your replay, from your form/control to your speed/momentum shifts the rest of the replay pure eyecandy. My favorite part is the last dm where you blow Tori's head, the move as a whole is sick and I can't get enough of watching

combo5: I will be brief regarding this replay since I have barely nothing to contribute, except that your power and control amazes me more and more everytime I watch this replay

I'm looking forward to see more godlike replays from you
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