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Toribash 5.44 beta (Windows/Linux, Steam)

I just made Toribash 5.44 available on beta branch on Steam.
To try it out, go to Toribash properties from your Steam library and choose "beta" branch in Betas tab.

New in 5.44:
- Global Quests (some quests have 1 TC placeholder rewards for now, don't claim them now or you won't be able to claim proper rewards later)
- Ingame notifications
- New login/register screen with referral system
- Menu optimizations (should load up faster now, /opt uilight 1 to disable UI animations)

If you find any game client related bugs, post them here and I'll send you 10k TC

Known bugs:
- Claiming a random item global quest reward shows placeholder item in transaction history instead of what you actually received
- Replay saving doesn't work - fixed
- Inventory gets stuck on empty screen after loading - fixed
- Preview item in shop, press escape, open any menu with bottom bar to get stuck in preview mode - fixed
- Navigation bar text scale is messed up on low window resolution - fixed
- Preview item in shop, press escape, start typing in search bar - game chat becomes available in preview mode - fixed
- New register/login screen is missing graphical assets - fixed
- Quest claim buttons have messed up color on hover/pressed states - fixed
- UV mapping on box bodyparts is broken - fixed
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