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Toribash 3.84 - Beta 3

* Physics caching
Ghost and replays in multiplayer are played back from a buffer instead of calculated using physics. This is much faster. To try it out do /opt fixedframerate 0.

* Chat cache /opt chatcache 0|1|2 (0=off, 1=ATI, 2=Software)
This makes a big chat faster in multiplayer.

* Camera options
1 - Default Cam
2 - Free Cam
3 - Uke Cam
4 - Tori Cam

* Camera keyframes are saved in replays
k - start keyframing
Shift+k - clear keyframes

* Camera has a bit of decay on the momements.
* Fixed position of bounty messages
* Autoupdate shouldn't crash the client. This was a big problem on the OSX version and more seldom on Windows.
* New tutorial

Don't post bugs if they are mentioned here in the main post!!

- tutorial broken [DONE]
- cache don't work for environment objects [DONE]
- SDL cache is cutoff [DONE]
- Worldbuilder doesn't run [DONE]
- replay reloads too fast [DONE]
- Missing end game stats [DONE]
- Mouse over links behave weirdly [DONE]
- Bounty text on wrong player [DONE]
- Volume is incorrect for cached replays [DONE]
- No blue fracture joints during replays [DONE]
- No red dm joints during replays [DONE]
- No Emotes during online replays [DONE]
- No grabby hands in replays
- Sphere quality on bumpmap heads is just 8 (should be 20) [DONE]
- speedometer altimeter don't work online
- Multiple tb.exe running if you close and open a couple of times
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Sweet downloading now, does it have the same "x" to hold and relax function? Well i found out it does.
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Woah, a built in free cam? This is exciting

EDIT: Tried it. Loved it!
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Looks like a nice update.
I'm still using 3.8 beta2 myself. Probably should upgrade and help look for bugs.
Okay, "Basic Training" and "Advanced Moves" don't do anything.
And 'Graduation Test" is just Uke showing you some moves. Not an actual test.
Amazing.. i don't see any bugs... i loved the Cams things.. and it is faster.. Nice job...

edit: oh i didn't saw that ^
im still going to be using the original 3.8. i dont like the hold/relax x button issue.
edit: check the ''relaeses'' in board description.
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This probably isn't a bug, but IMO, when a replay finishes, it replays again too quickly.
Like, the voiceover that's saying GAME OVER hasn't even finished saying it when the replay reloads again.